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Chlorine Dry HTH 65%(45kg) PCB Approved

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Chlorine Dry HTH 65%(45kg)

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Product Information

Chlorine dry is a high-quality granular calcium hypochlorite disinfectant used to perform a number of tasks for purification of different.


  • Disinfectant used to destroy bacteria on all surfaces, fabrics and materials cleaned with the formula.
  • Bleaching agent used to brighten and whiten substances domestically and industrially to remove dirt or stubborn stains.
  • Granular meaning it consists of small grains that are powdery and easily dissolve once mixed with water.


  • Water treatment 
  • Bleaching agent for wood pulp, cloth and fibres.
  • Disinfect drinking water making it safe for consumption
  • Disinfection of surfaces and equipment in bathrooms, swimming pool, hospitals and hotels.



Comes in a 45kg plastic container.

Shel Life

About 2years or more depending on the maintenance and storage conditions.


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