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Product Information


Beansclean 480 SL is a highly efficient weed killer that is particularly efficient against a wide variety of broadleaf weeds and germinating grass within the bean plants. Designed to selectively kill weeds fast upon contact, without affecting the growing beans. Beansclean is your best herbicide to boost crop growth by eliminating young weeds fast and more effectively.


Beansclean 480 SL is an extensive herbicide that is highly efficient in eliminating existing grass and broadleaf weeds in bean plantations. The herbicide is designed for application during the 2-5 leaf stage. 


Available in 1L bottles

The Correct Beansclean Application Rate.

This herbicide should be applied at a rate of 100ml/7.5L of water.

What is the Correct Usage of Beansclean 480 SL?

If you are planning to use a knapsack sprayer, prepare as follows:

  • Add water into your knapsack up to the fifteen-liter sign.
  • Fill in 200ml of Beansclean into the knapsack 
  • Attach a suitable sticker onto the knapsack.
  • Fill up the rest of the knapsack with water up to the 20-liter sign.
  • Use an appropriate material to agitate the mixture thoroughly. 
  • Carefully replace the lid on the knapsack.
  • The herbicide solution is now ready to spray.
  • Select the areas where weeds are actively growing. Spray the herbicide while ensuring every growing weed comes into contact with the treatment  

Beansclean 480 SL Mode of Action

  • Beansclean is a post-emergence herbicide particularly effective in the control of young germinating weeds. 
  • It is designed to kill all germinating weeds and unwanted plants upon contact. 

Note: Beansclean 480 SL does not kill or affect the bean plants.

  • Only spray the herbicides on young weeds for the best control results.
  • Beansclean will effectively eliminate the young weeds when they are in the 3-4 leaves stage

 Important Notes: 

  • Mature weeds may be insusceptible to beans clean. Accordingly, the product manufacturer emphasizes the treatment be done when weeds are still young for effective results.
  • Beansclean can potentially injure the bean plants. But, it is expected that the beans will overcome the injury and keep on germinating healthy.

What is the Importance of Adequate Weed Control?

It is crucial that you properly manage weeds in your farm for the following reasons:

  • Unwanted plants reduce both crop performance and crop yields.
  • Weeds create a good harbor site for pests and diseases.
  • Weeds are a strong competitor for sunlight, water, nutrients, and space against plants. Less of these growth factors result in the bean plants being weak and susceptible to disease attacks. 
  • Some weeds are parasite carriers, and some are dangerous when consumed by livestock/humans.
  • Some weeds can be toxic, thereby damaging and weakening crops.
  • Weeds are a bad obstruction during harvesting.

What are the Benefits of Early Weed Control?

Early weed control is crucial for the following reasons:

  • It enhances crop growth by getting rid of competition for the necessary factors of germination, including sunlight, nutrients, and space.
  • It is easier to control young weeds as they absorb and distribute the herbicides more quickly and easily.
  • Controlling old and mature weeds may be less effective.
  •  It prevents the chances of pest development in bean plantations. 
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