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We are the ultimate pest control service providers in Nakuru. We avail our pest control and fumigation services, including treatment for ants, termites control, rodents’ control, snakes control, ticks control, mosquito control, narrow bee fly control and spiders’ control. We give your premises the effective pest treatment it needs against all destructive insects.

We appreciate that pests can migrate into your property from the neighboring landscapes; hence, we create a protective barrier that safeguards and repels disease-carrying pests. Our technicians are trained to be timely and efficient at any time when you need pest control, cleaning, or fumigation services. We respond to all phone calls promptly, and our highly competitive prices have been designed to meet you at your budget needs.

Our Clients.

We have been in the pest control market for a long time. And we are consistently progressing in flawless and efficient service provision to the following clients:

  • Domestic homes
  • Nursing care homes
  • Commercial offices
  • Hospitals
  • Government premises
  • Shops and hotels
  • Factories
  • Banks
  • Schools and universities

Why Us?

Our main purpose is to ensure you live in a pest-free environment that guarantees your safety and good health. The products we use are authentic, registered, and eco-friendly. Our pest control and fumigation services are professional and the most reliable choice because we uphold:

Competitive Prices

We offer a non-obligatory quote written only after listening to you. Our services are available at the best and most affordable prices that have been tailored to cater to all your budget needs. Reliable and Timely- Our pest control exterminators are friendly, polite, and trained to offer services promptly. We understand the urgency of pest control and fumigation needs; hence, you can conveniently contact us 24/7. Be certain that we will promptly respond to all your needs.

Creativity and Innovation

We stay ahead of the pest control and cleaning industry by employing creativity and always moving towards innovation. We use the help of modern technology to serve you better, efficiently, and more satisfactorily.

Ethical Business Policies

We respect and recognize all guidelines and directives of safety and efficiency in pest control and fumigation service provision. All our technicians are licensed, maintain cleanliness, and always wear uniforms while serving you.

Our Pest Control Services

It does not matter how massive the infestation is, protecting you and your special ones is our first priority. Before we embark on any pest treatment, we must first do a complete and specific inspection of your premises to determine the type and the nature of the infestation.

Bed Bug Control

We understand our client’s needs to have bed bugs exterminated completely and the desire to have their homes protected from infestations. That’s why; we avail of the best bed bug extermination services in Nakuru. We use the recommended bug control products to kill bugs and create long-lasting protection against infestations.

Bat Control Services

Bat control demands a lot of experience and expertise. We render bat control services with the help of the latest equipment and well-trained technicians that leave your home bat-free. Note: Bats should not be killed. Instead, contact a bat control professional for help as soon as you notice or suspect them.

Termite Control

Our termite control services are very comprehensive. We understand the surmountable level of damage that can result from a termite infestation. Hence, we take termite treatment very seriously and build an anti-termite poisonous barrier around your building. Our termite control services, include:

  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatment
  • Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Rodent Control

We do a thorough rodent inspection in your home to determine the type of rodents invading. We also ascertain the level of infestation and expose all their hiding spots. After that, we treat the entire infestation using eco-friendly and effective insecticides that leave your home safeguarded against pest infestations.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are very stubborn and tend to lurk around during the very embarrassing moments. They can also be cumbersome to control and require a lot of experience to completely get rid of. We offer the best cockroach extermination services in Mombasa. We also give your home long-term protection against cockroaches.

Our Pest Control Products

We have continued to avail the most reliable pest control insecticides in Nakuru. Our cleaning, fumigation, and pest control products are genuine, licensed, effective, and recommended for safe domestic application. We ensure you live in a safe environment that is free from disease-spreading pests. All our stores are stocked with a huge variety of pest control products, and we have simplified access to these insecticides through our online shop We avail treatment products to:

  • Rodent infestations
  • Bat infestation
  • Narrow Bee Flies
  • Cockroach infestations
  • Bug infestations
  • Ants infestations
  • Termite infestations

We work in collaboration with you to keep your premises safe, hygienic, and healthy. Our inspection services are done comprehensively to help us understand your situation for the best treatment results. Contact the most dedicated pest control service providers in Nakuru and rest assured that all your pest troubles will be duly eliminated.

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Our Premium Services

RAFIKI PEST CONTROL LTD is dedicated at customizing and offering premium pest control and cleaning services. When you use our services, we allocate a technician who will be part of your home, which means they will be able to understand your needs and be able to apply the best methods without any back and forth survey. We give a good report system which is both online and offline, which implies you can be able to trace all treatments done.

We offer more products and an online platform and community where you can be able to learn better behaviors which will prevent re-infestation. We do not treat and go, we become part of you. Our online shop will give you a chance to access veried and high ranked products in pest control and sanitation. This saves you the hustle to fall for poor quality products. We Gurantee 100% satisfaction.

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