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We ensure all our clients receive the best pest control services in Mombasa, Kenya. Our Pest technicians are licensed, experienced, friendly, and apt to respond to all your urgent pest control and fumigation needs. We apply modern technology and advanced methodology to give a comprehensive treatment that ensures a pest-free environment.

Our services are timely and reliable. We have maintained a friendly customer care network that conveniently lets you contact us at any time of the day. Your pest treatment requirements and expectations are our central focus, and we are about exterminating and keeping pests away from your home/business to ensure your comfortable living. We give your premises long-term protection from pest infestations by creating a complete pest protection barrier around your building and yard.

We uphold ethical business policies and competitive prices to serve you safely and comfortably at all times. Our pest control products are eco-friendly and certified for application in business and domestic premises, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Apartments

Why Us?

We offer our pest control, fumigation domestic and commercial cleaning services to our clients in the most convenient and satisfactory way. We are: Reliable and Timely- We respect that different clients experience varying urgency needs of pest treatment and fumigation services. Hence, our pest controllers are adequately trained to be accurate and precise while giving you knowledgeable and timely solutions to your pest treatment needs. We keep our promises to provide you with highly reliable and efficient pest control services in Mombasa, fast deliveries, and our phone calls are promptly answered 24/7.

Competitive Prices

We are attentive to each of your budget requirements. Our prices are tailored to cater for your budget, and we give a free, non-obligatory quote after listening to you. We have remained ahead of the competition by reducing costs and efforts to receive our services adequately and comfortably.

Ethical Business Policies

We have maintained an ethical business environment, and we ensure our pest control and fumigation are safe for all domestic life. All our insecticides are pest specific and eco-friendly.

Creativity and Innovation

It is our business to give you value for all your time and money. We strive towards innovation, and we employ modern equipment and up-to-date methodologies that guarantee your satisfaction and effective pest control services.

Excellent Customer Relations

We communicate regularly with our clients and have upheld a good customer relation network throughout the years. We acknowledge all our clients’ rights to receive top quality pest control services, rightful response to all your queries, and the right to be updated with the correct information at all times.

Our Professional Pest Control Services

We have maintained uniformity of providing excellent pest control and professional cleaning services throughout Mombasa, including:

Bed Bug Extermination

Our technicians are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to exterminate bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a single day. Our pest exterminators will embark on a complete inspection to disclose the nature of bed bugs and the amount of infestation. From these crucial findings, we will use the most effective treatment to kill all the bed bugs and safeguard your home from future infestations.

Termite control

We are very precise in ensuring that all termites are completely exterminated. We keep termites away from your home by creating an anti-termite protection barrier that repels and kills termites on contact action. Because of the extremeness of damage caused by termites, we have availed different termite treatments to ensure you remain proactive against them:

  • Pre-construction Termite Treatment
  • Post-Construction Termite Treatment
  • Snake Control

    Note that snake bites are extremely dangerous and fatal if not given the urgency of treatment demanded. Therefore, homeowners must be very cautious with snake control, and we recommend that they learn how to keep snakes away for safety measures. Our technicians are the professionals of snake control and extermination in Mombasa. We will get rid of the snakes swiftly and safely.

    Note: It is very inhuman and against the law to kill snakes and destroy their eggs. Therefore, contact a pest control expert immediately if you suspect or notice snake signs on your premises.

    Cockroach Control

    We exterminate cockroaches completely after a very detailed inspection of your home. The inspection is proposed to disclose all cockroach hiding and breeding spots. We will also determine the infestation nature and treat the areas with eco-friendly insecticides that will also prevent future infestations.

    Mosquito Control

    We provide error-free mosquito eradication services in Mombasa. We understand the great risk involved with a mosquito infestation; hence, we are very keen and specific with mosquito extermination. We ensure all mosquito hiding spots are exposed and treated to kill and repel the mosquitoes. Our pest controllers will inspect your home and yard to determine what sources are attracting mosquitoes and their breeding areas. We treat and destroy those sources and create a protective barrier against the pests. Finally, we will take you through the tricks and ways of keeping mosquitoes away.

    Ant Control

    Ants are stubborn insects that can be very cumbersome to exterminate. We are the experts of ant control in Mombasa. After a keen inspection, we will know the infestation level and the type of ants invading your home. We recommend the best treatment that ultimately renders your premises free of ants and safe from chances of future ant infestations.

    Rodent Extermination

    Rodents are very destructive, and they can expose your family to serious health risks. A licensed and knowledgeable pest controller will protect your family and pets against such grievous risks by exterminating all the rodents in a timely and safe manner. We will then create a protective barrier that safeguards your home from future rodent infestations.

    Our Products.

    We are advanced in offering top quality pest control, fumigation, and cleaning services throughout Mombasa and its environs. We have improved our service provision by availing the most authentic pest insecticides in our stores. Our products are eco-friendly, authentic, and approved for use at home. We give you back your comfort of living in a pest-free environment by easing access to these products through our online shop. We have provided a huge variety of pest control insecticides, including

    • Bed bug control products
    • Cockroach control products
    • Mosquito insecticides
    • Ant insecticides
    • Narrow Bee Fly insecticides
    • Rodent baits and insecticides
    • Housefly insecticides

    Property owners must stay ahead with professional pest control services seeing that pests can spread fatal diseases and cause surmountable destruction to properties. Contacting a licensed and knowledgeable pest control company in Mombasa guarantees you the protection and good health of your loved ones.

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