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Mosquitoes are a menace and mosquito screens are the ultimate solution to get you and your family safe. Malaria is a deadly disease carried by female anopheles mosquitoes.Constant mutation of the mosquitoes to chemicals pose a challenge of having new variants which in return cause new diseases.

Safety from any type of bugs is a concern to anybody who cares about their loved ones. If going green is an option to you then mosquito screens is the only way to go no emessions, long lasting and reliable. The magnetic aspect of the screens helps you to ensure its always attached to its frames with ease.

Mosquito Screen for windows
How We Do It

How We Do It

  • Free Measurements Survey
  • Quotation (KES 3500 per SQM)
  • Installation

Our approach to ensure you get the best product is simple, we customize every inch to your needs a free inspection survey is done where we take exact measurements of your premises or property then we give non-obligatory quotation, this opens room to few adjustments and more specifications to be be included. We give you the luxury you need, because your home should be a place where pests dont live. Our rates start from 3500 subject to change when it's beyong 10,000 sqm.

Places to Place Insect Screens

  • Doors.
  • Windows.
  • Camps.

We offer Premium Installations quality material, durable and effective to protect you from all bugs and flying insects.


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