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You will find flies in almost every home. Their buzzing sound is annoying. Their presence is an indicator of stinking substances or dirty environment. They usually breed in stagnant water and rotten food thus why they love garbage collection sites. You need flies management and control specialist to help you get rig of the pests.

Flies cause diseases not only to human beings but also to your domesticated animals. If left unchecked, they might pose serious foodborne related illnesses. Did you know that flies can pierce deep into your flesh but the pain goes unnoticed? They are disease carriers. They exchange their saliva or blood once they land on food hence spreading diseases in the process. They also cause eye and skin infection. Typhoid, dysentery, salmonella, tuberculosis, and anthrax are some of the diseases that you may suffer as a result of high infestation. For this reason, you require professional flies management and control services to help control them.

Be it fruit fly, housefly, or the Nairobi fly infestation, you need to take effective pest control measures. Rafiki Pest Control has professionals who will advise and give you effective flies control and treatment.

Hiring a professional extermination services saves you alot of money than DIY methods since they understand best practices.

Our Key guide on Flies management and control

We offer professional advice on how to best manage and control flies. Exclusion, restriction and sanitation, Destruction and Monitoring are our key guide to getting rid of flies

  • Exclusion prevents flies from gaining access to your home, office or business premise. Proof your windows, doors.
  • Restriction and sanitation-practice good hygiene in and around your premise. You need to eliminate the breeding site first through proper sanitation. Rafiki Pest Control also offers home cleaning services. Be assured you of a spotlessly clean home from our professional home cleaners.
  • Destruction– involves fly control treatment. We have different ways of killing the flies. The method or product used for eliminating the pests depends on the type of flies at hand.
  • Monitoring-regular inspections to determine the type of flies in your home. Our experts also make follow up visits to ensure that the flies have been totally eradicated. We use monitoring devices to determine the species flies present in your home. The monitoring device attracts the pest to the trap.
  • Affordable, Family friendly Extermination methods.
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