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Flea Control

Just like any other pest infestation, you have to start by finding out how the fleas came into your house. Fleas use carriers to move from one place to another. You could have been given a lovely puppy as a birthday present unknowingly that it is infested. You go ahead and add it to the kennel with other dogs and it spreads the fleas to the other dogs. Cuddling with this puppy can also cause fleas to move to your skin or on to your couch. It is basic as an adult flea jumping on your cat or dog, feeds on its blood and lays eggs and life cycle continues. This is how fleas are spread.

In flea management, it is very essential to break the lifecycle of fleas for control. Take keen consideration of the life cycle (adult, egg, larvae) of this pest at that current time because every stage has a different management plan. In here Kenya, Rafiki Pest Control has taken over flea control with services in numerous kinds of pest control inclusive of flea control. This covers our domestic animals and home infestation in general.

Pets (Dogs and Cats)

Dogs and cats are the commonest pets found in homes and fleas are their leading cause of skin diseases. They transmit tapeworms in the dogs and cats. It very important to control their spread for a happy stay in your home. When you see your pet scratching itself in an abnormal way is a sign of infestation. Find more about the infestation on your pet by easily moving over its fur with the palm of your hand to its skin and there you will notice the fleas.

Worry not any more!! Rafiki has exceptional veterinary services for your infected pet. This can be done at the comfort of your home or the pet brought to the company premises for treatment. Alongside the treatments given, products that help in the prevention of the fleas are given too. They include shampoos, powders, sprays and medicines to kill the tapeworms are given.

Fleas can also be found on the domestic animals found at home like cows, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry. Rafiki Pest control offers excellent veterinary services for the cows and goats, and fumigation services for the poultry houses.

Compound/Yard treatment

It should be noted that infection of your pet is a great indication that your environment is also infested and therefore a proper treatment plan should be done. As the dogs are jumping about in the compound or having a bath in the backyard, they surely drop some of the fleas to the ground. Rafiki offers affordable and efficient fumigation services for your home and compound for flea control. The improved pesticides used are eco-friendly, they do not pollute the environment or harm the vegetation around.

Inside house

Flea infestation on pets is a sign that the house needs to be fumigated. Highly skilled technicians at Rafiki carry out thorough vacuuming of floors, rugs, curtains while concentrating on areas where people and pets sit the most. In those places lie to the highest concentration of fleas.


The Listed Prices apply in Kiambu, Nairobi Regions. Let's hear your concerns.

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VariationsBedBugs,RoachesCRAWLING PEST FLYING PEST Termites
Single RoomKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
BedsitterKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
Servant QKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
KitchenKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
PantryKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Bus/VanKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Car/StoreKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Camp/TentKES 2500KES 2500KES 2500
Institution bedsKES 150KES 150KES 150
1 BedroomKES 5000KES 5000KES 5000KES 9500
2 BedroomKES 6000KES 6000KES 6000KES 12600
3 BedroomKES 7000KES 7000KES 7000KES 15000
4 BedroomKES 8000KES 8000KES 8000KES 19000
5 BedroomKES 8600KES 8600KES 8600KES 22000
ButcheryKES 7500KES 7500KES 7500
RestaurantKES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
SurveyKES 950KES 950KES 950KES 1000
AreaKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.m
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