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Which is the Most Effective Termite Control Pesticides in Kenya?

Which is the Most Effective Termite Control Pesticides in Kenya?

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Updated: Oct. 15, 2023, 12:18 p.m. By Rafiki Pest Control LTD.®

Which is the most effective termite control pesticide for my structure? This is a commonly asked question by homeowners whenever they want to protect their homes or exterminate a termite infestation. Once you suspect a termite problem, you will most definitely want to address it sooner rather than later. After all, termites are the biggest cause of most structural damage. A small infestation will quickly multiply to an unmanageable size. 

Fortunately, many termite control pesticides in Kenya will effectively rid your home of termites. However, your choice of the best treatment method will depend on certain factors, including: 

  • Are you treating your home to exterminate a termite infestation? Or are you treating it to protect your home from chances of infestations?
  • What termite type is being exterminated, and how bad is the infestation level?
  • What is the soil type at the construction site, and what environmental factors prevail in that area?
  • At what stage of construction is your building? Is it a pre or post-construction termite treatment?

The Best Termite Control Method in Kenya?

There are many options to control an active termite infestation. The aim is to exterminate the infestation once an inspection is done and the termite species are identified. These may include drilling holes into the termite-infested areas and injecting the pesticide directly into the area. The idea is that the pesticide will flow through the termite tubes to reach the entire colony and exterminate it. 

  • Termite Bait Stations

Termite bait stations are largely used as a part of an integrated pest management approach. Baits represent an alternative to chemical termiticides. It is a very efficient method of termite control that exterminates termites and destroys their nests. 

Once the bait stations are installed, the termites will access the bait. They’ll bring it back to the nest where the rest of the termites live together with the queen. The bait is then distributed to the rest of the termites through grooming and while feeding, thereby exterminating the entire termite colony. Additionally, you can easily inspect the bait stations for any termite activities in the area. In the event of a breakdown in the bait, it will be easy to notice and replace.

  • Termite Dusts

Termite dust’s effectiveness has been confirmed, and the results upon treatment are spectacular. They are a fast elimination of termites, and effective control results will be visible in a few week's time. Termite dusts are applied by professional exterminators directly onto the termites. After treatment, the termite dust will adhere to the termites’ body. The termites will carry the dust back to their nests where they’ll spread it during grooming and feeding, thereby exterminating the entire colony. Termite dusts are effective as termites live in proximity to each other. However, termite dusts rarely destroy nests, and consequently, a termite re-infestation could re-occur. 

  • Termite Foams

Termite foams are an effective way to exterminate termite infestations. They are used to treat an active infestation once the nesting area is identified. It can be hard to access the insides of an infested wall to treat. Hence, an exterminator may need to drill small holes to apply the foam. Termites will continue to pass through the foam, and they’ll take it back to their nests. Termite foams are highly efficient in exterminating the entire colony. 

The Best Termite Protection Method in Kenya

Termite control methods are best used in conjunction with a termite barrier treatment to prevent future infestations. A chemical soil barrier is a treatment applied directly to the area where the structure meets the soil. The chemical treatments used will create a perimeter around your home that will effectively kill the termites if they attempt to infest the home.

The exterminator will dig a trench around the perimeter of your home to expose its foundation. He/she will then inject the trench with the chemical treatment. In places with concrete tiles, small holes are drilled through the concrete and injected with the treatment. Once done, all holes are completely sealed. 

Another very effective method of protecting your home is installing a baiting system. Baits are one way to outsmart termites and exterminate their entire colony and nests. The baits are strategically installed by an expert to be accessed easily by termites. Once the termites come in contact with the baits, they unknowingly distribute it to the rest of the termites thereby, eliminating the entire colony.   

The Most Effective Termite Control Treatment in Kenya.

Compiled below is a list of the most effective termite control pesticides in Kenya 

  • Termidor 96Sc

Termidor 96Sc is a highly efficient termite control product. It is specially designed for killing termites and protecting your home against infestations. This superior termiticide is also the best DIY product as it kills a wide range of other pests, including ant colonies. When applied by professionals, Termidor acts as an in-ground barrier termite treatment and will protect your home for over 10 years. Termidor is odorless and completely undetectable to termites.

  • Metro 200Sc

Metro 200Sc is a suspended concentrate termiticide that works by contact and ingestion action. Metro 200Sc is primarily recommended for the effective control of subterranean termites.  It is the best product to exterminate an entire colony as it is undetectable, and the termites will walk through it unknowingly. While some will die immediately upon contact, the rest will take it back to their nests. Consequently, the entire colony is infected and thus eliminated. Metro 200Sc’s unique ability to bond firmly into the soil makes it last longer, thus giving you continued protection against termites. 

  • Premise 200Sc

Premise is a unique pesticide with lethal action against termites. It rapidly eradicates termites and ants through a unique ingestion action and interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses. Premise 200Sc is odorless and gives a long duration of control for close to 5 years. It is non-repellant thus ensuring no chances of termite survival and protects your structure from re-infestations.

  • Undertaker 480EC

Undertaker 480EC is a termiticide that has been proven to effectively control termites in wooden structures, buildings, trees, and concrete slabs. It kills termites by contact, stomach, and fumigation action. Undertaker is an eco-friendly treatment that has a fast knock-down action and long-lasting efficacy. It is effective both as a spray treatment and a soil drench.   

  • Dragnet FT

Dragnet FT is a highly effective termite treatment with a long-lasting efficacy against termite infestations. This termiticide also controls other insects, including ants, bees, post beetles, and house borers. Dragnet FT is undetectable by termites since it has a very mild odor. Termites will pass through the treatment and carry the chemical on their bodies to the rest of the colony. Dragnet FT contaminates the rest of the termites, thus killing the whole colony.

Just because you haven’t noticed termites activities around your home doesn’t mean they are not there. Signs of termites can be hard to see until the infestation has grown massive and the damage has already been done. Your home is probably your largest investment, but to termites, it is just food. It is, therefore, crucial that you should use the best pesticides when treating or preventing a termite infestation.

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