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The Cost of Professional Pest Control Services

Feb. 21, 2021, 5:48 p.m.

How much will I be charged for professional pest control? This is a commonly asked question by home and office owners. Often, when facing a pest problem. While the cost partly depends on your premises' size, it is impractical to give a generic price for all because pest problems are unique to every place. 

The price is largely dependent on the type of pest issue, solution, and the value of services given.  To present you with a customized quote, we take into consideration specific factors and principles of evaluating the prices of pest control services.

Factors for Evaluating a Pest Control Quote.

Below are factors that directly determine the overall price of pest control services for your residential or business premises.  

  • Infestation Type

The total cost of pest control is determined by the type of pest to be exterminated. Different pests need different and advanced products and methodologies to eliminate them.  Products to control one type of pest may be pricier than products to control another pest type. 

  • Infestation Level

The infestation level will determine how much the pest control services will cost. For instance, exterminating a huge infestation that has spread throughout the entire premises is relatively pricier than eliminating a small infestation that can be treated promptly. 

  • Frequency of Treatment

The frequency of the treatment will also determine the overall price you'll pay for pest control services. A one-time visit treatment may eventually cost higher than a periodic visit treatment. A one-time visit requires the exterminator to access the situation and carry out a thorough inspection of your home to expose the pest entry points, hiding spots, and factors that may be attracting the pests into your home. On the other hand, a periodic visit is an ongoing contract that can take up to months to eliminate the pest problem.

  • Home Size

The size of your home or office is also considered. The bigger the area to be treated, the higher the price. This is because a bigger area requires more pest protection, and more products will be used.  

  • Commercial and Domestic Premises

The nature of the premises to be treated directly influences the cost of the treatment. Domestic pest control requirements are unique, and the pest problem can be eliminated successfully in a single visit. However, commercial pest control requires periodic visits to have the problem solved. The treatment has to comply with the IPM program and ensure food safety. 

Pest Control Inspection

Our professional exterminators will visit your premises and do a thorough inspection and assess the situation. This inspection will determine the exact type of pest causing you trouble, the infestation level, and the best treatment solution that will give long-lasting results. From these findings, the professionals will write you an accurate quote for the complete treatment process.  

What to Expect During a Pest Control Inspection?

  • Our calls are promptly answered 24/7. One of our trained professionals will talk to you, and after listening to all your needs, we will allocate one of our local exterminators near you to take care of your pest problem.
  • You will receive a call in less than 2hours from your allocated exterminator. He/she will discuss with you to arrange a pest inspection of your home prior to the treatment.
  • The exterminator will embark upon a complete inspection that will assess the ongoing pest problem inside and outside your home.
  • The inspection is detailed, systematic, and keen to discover all pest activities, the type of pest infesting, and factors within your home that may be posing a risk of future pest infestations.
  • The latest methodologies and high-tech equipment of inspection will be used to give accurate results. 
  • All rooms, 'secrete places,' and appliances will be inspected keenly, and pictures of the infested surfaces will be taken to be used in the final report. 
  • At the end of the inspection, our exterminator will present you with a detailed report of the entire inspection process.
  • The results of the inspection will determine the price of the entire treatment course. 

Can I Negotiate the Pest Control Prices?

Before treating your premises, we ensure clarity of the prices to be paid and the services being covered. We help you understand the nature and quality of our services and any discounts and free retreatments to be given. We will write you a free, on-site quote after inspecting your premises and listening to all your needs.   

Pest Control Prices 

Always ensure you call a pest control company with the best prices. We guarantee value for your money with top-quality services. You will have your pest problem solved quickly, effectively, and we stand behind you 100%. We are always available to you, and we will make as many visits as needed to ensure your problem is eliminated effectively.     

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