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Bees are beneficial insects, particularly the honey bee. They aid in pollination hence help increase crop production. Honey from the local bee also has lots of health benefits. However, bees can also be injurious. They do bite and sting. That’s why you need to get rid of them.

Bees are easily disturbed and provoked. If you have them near your home, you need to seek advice from bee control experts. They may swarm in large numbers and cause lots of injury to the people living around your home. They usually sting to protect themselves.  A bee sting is very painful.  If you are allergic to the sting, it may be life-threatening.

Bees are black in color and are furry. They survive on pollen, nectar, and water. They like dark, protected areas. Bees live in hollow trees, chimneys, roof spaces or wall crevices. While looking for a place to nest, they may make their way into your home.

How we get rid of bees

 Bee prevention must be done by professionals. Rafiki Pest Control has qualified personnel for effective bee control services. Our aim is to help you control bees from harming you. We aim at moving or relocating the bees nest. .Once there is no way you can prevent a swarm of bees from landing on any tree within your compound, you can apply some few tricks to discourage them from gaining entry to your house.

You can achieve this by

  • Sealing any cracks or any spaces on your walls, or the spaces on the roof lines and eaves.
  • Use foam insulation to fill any empty spaces on the wall.
  • Screen any vents leading to any other area within your home using fine mesh screens.
  • Check for nests

How we do it.

Rafiki Pest control has the most effective bee control services.

Inspection-We do an inspection to determine the level of infestation .this helps in determining the best way of eliminating the entire nest while ensuring the safety of your house.

If the level of infestation is high, it might require extermination before the bees cause more havoc to your house. You should, therefore, come to us for assistance as soon as you realize that you have been infested.

Capturing the bee swarm– our bee control experts catch the bees before they start building their hive. As soon as you spot a handball sized bee ball near your home, you should immediately seek our services to come and capture the colony. This is the best time as they have not yet started making the honeycomb or honey.

Removing the beehive-if we notice that the bees have already established their colony in your house, we will have it removed. Depending on the hive’s location, they will professionally remove the honeycombs physically. A specialized bee vacuum is used to capture alive most of the bees. Once we remove the bees, the honeycombs are left to cool and liquefy the honey. The honey then runs down the walls and soon molds start forming. The nest eventually dries up. The honey might attract other insects, damage support structures, or stain the wall.

But you need not to worry because we do offer effective pest control for a variety of pests. We do both residential and commercial pest control. When it comes to pest control in Kenya, Rafiki Pest Control is at the top of the game!




The Listed Prices apply in Kiambu, Nairobi Regions. Let's hear your concerns.

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VariationsBedBugs,RoachesCRAWLING PEST FLYING PEST Termites
Single RoomKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
BedsitterKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
Servant QKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900KES 3800
KitchenKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
PantryKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Bus/VanKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Car/StoreKES 2900KES 2900KES 2900
Camp/TentKES 2500KES 2500KES 2500
Institution bedsKES 150KES 150KES 150
1 BedroomKES 5000KES 5000KES 5000KES 9500
2 BedroomKES 6000KES 6000KES 6000KES 12600
3 BedroomKES 7000KES 7000KES 7000KES 15000
4 BedroomKES 8000KES 8000KES 8000KES 19000
5 BedroomKES 8600KES 8600KES 8600KES 22000
ButcheryKES 7500KES 7500KES 7500
RestaurantKES 15000KES 15000KES 15000
SurveyKES 950KES 950KES 950KES 1000
AreaKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.mKES 39/sq.m
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